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The Frontline

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We develop psychosocial programs, provide trauma rehabilitation services and deliver clinical psychology training around the world in three domains:

  • War and Conflict (child soldiers & refugees)

  • Human Trafficking (child slaves & sexual exploitation)

  • Natural Disaster (emergency response, critical incident debriefing & rehabilitation)

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Trauma Rehabilitation

Our structured group-based emotional resiliency and post-traumatic growth interventions are specifically designed to help people impacted by traumatic life events. Over the past decade, more than 100,000 survivors of war, natural disaster and sexual exploitation have graduated from our programs.  

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The aim of EMPOWER (first developed in 2006 and now in its Third Edition) is designed to equip participants with important skills that help them resolve significant mental, emotional and behavioral challenges (e.g. the effects tragedy, torture, trauma). EMPOWER is based on years of professional clinical intervention and research trials worldwide and currently exists in English, Acholi, Swahili, French, Khmer, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.

The EMPOWER program is best known for its:

  • Use with ethnically diverse survivors of war, natural disaster and sexual exploitation (human trafficking)
  • Transferability and cultural sensitivity (currently being used throughout Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, and the Middle East)
  • Widespread use by non-professionals (counselors, teachers, youth workers, pastoral care providers, humanitarian workers, etc.)
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The GROW Program was designed to help people who have survived critical incidence and tragic circumstances. The program is based on scientific research into post-traumatic growth (PTG) and ethical constructs designed to help individuals ‘cultivate’ key character qualities and core competencies for overall health and wellbeing. 

The GROW Program is best known for its:

  • Use with Syrian and Iraqi refugees (including Yazidi, Christian, and Muslim faiths).
  • Capacity aid recovery from displacement, traumatic life events, and emotional despair (typically due to loss of property, loved ones, and livelihood).

All the work on The Frontline is made possible through:

Our programs are designed to be delivered by indigenous facilitators under urgent and poorly resourced conditions (i.e. refugee camps) in ways that are cost effective, sustainable, culturally appropriate, and easily accessible. For information on EMPOWER and GROW Program materials and training, please contact us.

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